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Basic build: tap the safe boxes to add money, hold finger on the cats to make them purr and increase the money in the safes. Buy devices, which increase the cats' happiness to earn more.

Work is going on. The game will be embedded into the whole network of incremental games by Airapport, which are connected with a set of ingame "Portals".

Basic gameplay cycle:

  1. Cat wants something
  2. You spend money to give it to the cat
  3. Cat increases the  money in the safe

Basic cats needs are:

  • to be pet
  • to be fed
  • to be entertained

This is solved by players' touches, as well as by the machines, which the player buys. The machines work in the idle mode, too.

The machines are:

  • Brushing hand (implemented)
  • Bottle of milk (implemented)
  • Cat food package (art ready, code to be implemented)
  • Bow (art ready, code to be implemented)
  • Lazer (art ready, code to be implemented)
  • Bycicle (planned)
  • Mice
  • Fish
  • Aquarium
  • Fishing rod
  • Birds
  • Bird cage
  • TV

Next game stage allows the player unlock new cats. Currently 5 cats are implemented into the game

  • Red
  • Siamese
  • Persian
  • Black
  • British

10 more cat breeds are planned to be added.

Midgame phase includes decoration of cats and cats' habitat with various items and swag: hat, guitar, boxes, roof, kittens (family), claw sharpener.

The next progress wall in unlocking game contents is overrun by transporting money from one cat's safe to another, and with increasing coefficients applied.

Game monetization mode:

Rewarded ads (which increase earning money ability, boost idle earnings and make it easier to obtain certain items, machine, cats)

IAP after implementation of ingame currency "Purr" 


Game by Airapport team: Alexey Izvalov, Nadiia Serbina

Art inspired by Denis Sazhin https://iconka.com

Sound from https://freesound.org/ XiscoVar and taure

Music by Kevin McLeod https://incompetech.com/

Install instructions

just install apk


CatsBank-captive-runtime.apk 13 MB

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