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We have a combined simulator of farming and mining for you! There are 3 main branches in the game, which depend on each other.

First is Agriculture. Farms grow crops (vegetables, grain, etc) and provide food to grow your population. Some crops (like vegetables) can be sold directly at the market, while others will need a longer production chain to be consumed. For example, wheat should be brought to the windmill to produce flour, then the bakery uses flour to bake bread and sell it to the people.

Population growth provides you workforce, a currency to upgrade automation of production. You can increase farms fertility by spending money, and spending workforce lets the farm work in the idle mode, without the need to click on it (however, you can always additionally speed-up production of facilities by pressing on them).

As population growth is limited by housing, you build additional house by expanding your Industry. Initially you mine clay and produce bricks from it. Later on you'll unlock other materials, including reinforced concrete for the skyscrapers, which will need mining iron ore and coal and smelting iron.

Industry will also provide additional production chains to produce goods for your population and provide special growth boosts.

Once you feel that your progression has slowed down, you can restart the game and earn prestige points. You can select, which aspect of your city building should be increased by prestige points: Tap effect, Housing capacity, Population growth, Prices level, Production efficiency or Transport capacity.

The game originated at Ludum Dare 48 in April 2021, an online gamejam which theme was "Deeper and Deeper". The game got into top 20% in Fun category and into top 25% in Innovation. Since then the game is constantly growing with features and heading towards the full release.

Facts which make this incremental games stand out among the others:

- No extensive clicking is needed: the game has auto-clicker.

- The game works offline, there is no need in internet connection.

- No intrusive ads: ads will be shown only if you want it (in the exchange of bonus)

- Idle time is unlimited: return to the game whenever you like and enjoy your incomes (just make sure to automate production before leaving the game)

- The game graphics lets you actually see how do different facilities interact, and how do the production chains work

- You can select your prestige bonus when restarting the game

The game was made by Airapport: award winning indie game development team. You are welcome to share your results and ask questions in our Discord, which has over 8000 members now: https://discord.gg/qpDbwpF5un

The game is also available on

Game by http://plaza.dsolver.ca/m/GeneralVimes

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
TagsFarming, Idle, Incremental, ld48, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 48, mining, resource-management
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Если честно я играл в эту игру, а сегодня я вспоминаю, вспоминаю, пишу farm mine и нашёл игру мечты

Hello Airapport. Im is dwajl. It cool game. steampunk idle spinner is dont updating. sad.

Thank you for playing our games! It will be updated, too, eventually. I keep working

Linux version shows white screen on Debian Bullseye

Thank you! Could you, please, check the updated version? Will it work?

I've been playing for few months now... I only discovered the "prestige" function last week because there wasn't a tutorial prompt to use it, or I might? have skipped it by building my first house early? either way now I've got 13 points in "transport" and no clue if there's a way to move them around, or if I'm stuck like this.

About as good at any game this dude makes, sounds like. And the prestige mechanic is going to suck at give diminishing rewards over time and just feel like trash.


Thank you very much!

Yes, I did not mention about prestige, but I totally should. Also, I'm going to modify the formula and the code to avoid the players being stuck. 


I love the moble games and I hope this game is as good